Which Pelican is Best For A Wedding Photographer?

If you’ve ever photographed a wedding, you’ve probably seen Pelican cases. They’re extremely versatile and offer a ton of storage options while also keeping your gear safe from water, heat, banging around and general drunken wedding guest behavior.

Through the years I have carried suitcases, Pelicans, camera bags and backpacks… and what I can’t live without is my Pelican 1510. The photo below will give you an inside look at how much gear it holds. Attach a lid storage pouch and fit even more!

I chose to have the extra padded foam lid and velcro dividers for flexibility. My storage and organizational needs differ at each event and my lenses and cameras change every couple of years. The velcro dividers let me move things around as needed.

This Pelican 1510 is holding 2 Sony a7riii’s with lenses (35mm and 16-35mm), a 70-200, an 85mm, 90mm macro, memory cards and batteries.

I originally chose the 1510 because it qualifies as a carry-on. It’s also a manageable weight at 30lbs with all my gear. While there are larger cases that would fit all of my gear including flashes, it would be much harder to move around with a 50lb suitcase. I’m often lugging my gear down windy gravel paths or moving up and down staircases at country clubs. The 1510 doesn’t get too heavy and can fit the essentials.

During the reception, this size is easy to hide under DJ booths or catering tables. The 90mm, 70-200mm and 85mm lenses stay in my 1510 during the reception so I don’t need to access the case after dinner begins.

My flashes and MagMods are stored in a Sony backpack (LCS-BP3) that gets dropped off in the reception hall early in the day. I carry six flashes HVL-F60RM and three sets of MagMods with a MagGrip on every flash.

I hope this has been helpful! Feel free to leave comments or ask questions!