What to Expect at Your Engagement Session

Congratulations, you're engaged! An amazing wedding day and beautiful photos are in your future! For many, it's your first time in front of a professional photographer. There are a lot of questions and that's okay, I want you to get the very most out of your engagement session.


What to Wear

Let's start here. Once you choose a location and season, what you should wear is next. Do you want casual or formal? Indoors at a gallery or outdoors at the D.C. monuments? A picnic? These sort of questions should guide you towards the "look" you're going for.

When coordinating outfits, choose a color palette. Earthy colors, jewel tones, neutrals… all are great choices! Choose 3 to 4 colors and stick to them when you combine your outfits. You want a nice mixture all while staying in a general theme.


If possible, wear layers. They're great for visual interest in your photos. Add a scarf or jacket when the weather allows or pair a button up over a t-shirt. Layers are also great for switching things up on the fly. If you don’t have time to change into a second outfit, just remove a top layer and voila, a new look!

Textures photograph beautifully. Think… delicate lace, heavy knits, shiny metallics, tiny details and fringe or tassels. Statement jewelry is a also huge win. Try on bright earrings or necklace, bold bracelets or a cool watch. And if you bring an extra piece of jewelry, you can change them halfway through to add more variety to your photos.


What to Bring: Lips, Layers & Lovelies

Chapstick and lip gloss are essential. Bring them along and apply once or twice throughout. Pack a second layer or even a second outfit! This is a HUGE factor in how many photos you get. You’ll be looking at double the variety and image count in your final gallery. Additional accessories or shoes are also great for changing things up. Simple studs and a bold necklace for the first half- amazing earrings and a wrist full of bangles for the second half!


What to Expect

Guidance. Lots of guidance. I won’t leave you hanging, wondering what in the world to do next. I’ll offer you tips on where to place your hands, how to stand for flattering angles and where to look. You’ll hear things like, “Now look at the camera! Great, now Jennifer if you could look down and James, just kiss her forehead!”

When you’re goofing around and interacting naturally I won’t interfere. Those moments are special and have a lot of life in them so when I'm quiet, it's because you guys are doing great all on your own! If you’re afraid of being goofy, EMBRACE it! Goofy is awesome and I truly love when couples tell me they are silly and don’t know how to pose. It's music to my ears!


Other Do’s and Dont’s

DO consider a hair and makeup appointment, which can serve as your makeup trial.
DO clean your engagement ring. Hot water and dish soap can make it sparkle!
DO think about nail care- either apply cuticle oil or get a fresh manicure.
DO bring a second outfit/layer as well as additional accessories.
DO match each other’s level of attire. Casual or formal, you should be the same!
DO bring your pups (and someone to help) for a personalized engagement session.

DON’T try dramatic new makeup or bold red lips if you've never done it before.
DON’T do matchy-matchy. Avoid wearing the same shade of denim or same colored top.
DON’T try to recreate things you’ve seen a hundred times online. Spontaneity is best!


There's a lot of inspiration on Pinterest if you want to see what other couples are wearing and how they're coordinating. Above all, I want you to be comfortable and have fun so whatever let's you be you is my favorite option :)