Wedding at The Arts Club of Washington DC

Beautiful flight attendant meets bubbly lawyer. Magic happens. Wedding bells ring. They tie the knot, they toast the glasses. The groom gets on stage and wails on an electric gui- wait, what? Ever had a moment where you’re asking yourself, “Is this real life?” Yeah, check out Brooke and Keith’s amazing wedding and insane reception that will have you saying “Wow!”

The first time I met Brooke and Keith, we talked for ages in a Panera and knew pretty quickly that we were a great match. Their engagement session was just as fun. Brooke told me all about her crazy life flying around the world. Keith told me all about, well, everything. He’s a chatterbox at heart and dammit, so am I! We visited a few monuments and I got the feeling that these two had a love that runs deep.

Their wedding day was relaxed and fun, with champagne flowing and friends cracking up. Everyone gasped when Brooke’s dress came out and I set to work moving furniture so I could put Brooke in the window in the dress. Stuff of dreams.

Their beautiful and colorful ceremony and reception was further proof of the love that really overflowed from them for each other. I barely had to give them any guidance- they just leaned into each other laughing and smiling and sharing private jokes. It was beautiful and I felt lucky to capture it.

On the dance floor, it got crazy. DC Transit LIT IT UP, you guys. And when we all thought the party couldn’t get any crazier, Keith jumped on stage with an electric guitar and knocked our socks off. They danced the night away and everyone had an amazing time. Scroll all the way through for some epic reception fun!