Rust Manor House Celebration

What a gorgeous celebration at Rust Manor house! With family from around the world, Jordan and Khyati celebrated their soon-to-arrive baby with a traditional ceremony and lots of fun! It was such a cool experience and the excitement from their family was so contagious!


There were gifts, songs, prayers and LOTS of wisdom from their family!

Rust Manor house was the perfect place for some quiet portraits in the morning and a big party in the afternoon. The interior was stuffed with amazing food from Indaroma and the upstairs was full of sequins, jewelry and bustling ladies.

The gifts and symbolic traditions were my favorite part of the day. Parents and friends were invited to participate in different traditions that really showed Khyati and Jordan how much everyone loves them.

Congratulations on the birth of your little girl and I can't wait to see you guys for newborn and family photos!